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From the first day I stepped on the slippery slope, sculpture has always interested me in all its aspects; as an art course, but more generally as a profession, with all that implies knowledge and craft practice. I still care about being at every stage of the preparation of a draft, from prototyping that will allow the original to become a clean molding, until the patina through the casting resin is corrected, and all the required tune-ups in order to meet changing demands.


My studio is in constant technical development, and can design any type of project control: traditional or digital modeling, mold design silicone any size, traditional or digital magnification, serial casting in different possible materials like polyester (mass flow or laminate), bronze, white metal (tin) and many other options for which I can delegate a portion of the work to specialized workshops when I reach the limits of my own workshop. Don’t hesitate to contact me for a quote.

Boulesteix Sculpteur - Art, sculpture & édition
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